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Our company designs and produces ceramic planters, mainly with wholesale distributors, with the goal of providing garden shops, flower planting industries, and other retailers with unique ceramic planters at affordable prices.  The authenticity of our products differentiates us from our competitors, and we strive to help entrepreneurs build their own retail businesses by providing high quality and reasonably-priced wholesale ceramic planters.

Our local store front helps us to investigate the market, communicate with consumers, and improve our products to be sold to a broad base of consumers across the nation.

Locations & Hours

Main Store

2717 Western Bypass, Unit 108

Durham, NC 27705

Wednesday :  9am-6pm

Saturday: 9:30am-4pm

Other times by appointment

What's New?

  • We closed LiMing Global Market Retail Booth since September 2020. Our main store opens every Wednesday 9am-6pm and every Saturday 9:30am-4pm. If you need to come to our store at other time, please call us and we are happy to schedule an open time with you. 


  • We have another website in Google Business, https://asian-specialty-shop.business.site.

   We will post all updates in our these two site if we have any announcements.

   Thank you for your business.

2717 Western Bypass, Unit 108

Durham, NC 27705


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